Dayton Spousal Support Attorney

Welcome to Family Law Columbus, where we faithfully serve our clients as a savvy spousal support attorney in Dayton OH.

Spousal support is a very important issue within a divorce. When a couple separates, it creates a monumental, life-changing transition that touches on their financial lives. While one spouse’s income might remain unchanged, the other might be thrust into the real world as a single individual with no income. That’s why our Dayton spousal support lawyer staff exists.

The goal of any divorce — even those that are full of venom and contention — is to establish a fair result where each side gets what they deserve. Both husbands and wives deserve to have a fresh start without financial obstacles in their way. With a spousal support lawyer in Dayton OH from our staff, you can make this happen.


Picking through spousal support agreements

A competent, experienced spousal support attorney in Dayton OH is essential, because the family courts take many things into consideration when deciding on the final agreement. With our team’s help, you can have a hand in designing an agreement that is fair in terms of:

  • Payment amounts
  • Spousal support duration
  • Payer/recipient relationship
  • Special clauses and factors
  • And more

This really is not an area of divorce that you want to stumble in, which is why our Dayton spousal support lawyer can be of benefit. If the agreement is not fair, you could find yourself shortchanged and hurting for money as you try to establish your life. On the other end of the spectrum, you could be forced to pay a disproportionate amount of money to a spouse that doesn’t need it. Your Dayton spousal support attorney helps avoid both scenarios.

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