Dayton Marital Asset Division Attorney

Splitting up assets can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce, and with a marital asset division attorney in Dayton OH on your side, you can maximize your chance of getting a fair deal.

Some people assume that property division is simple and that possessions are simply divvied up to where each side gets half. That is far from the case. There are so many different wrinkles and special factors that play into the process, which is why a Dayton marital asset division lawyer is important.


Factors to consider during property division

The aim of the courts and any marital asset division lawyer in Dayton OH is to divide assets up fairly, but “fair” does necessarily mean half and half. There are many things that the courts take into consideration. These might include:

  • Contributions made by both spouses during the life of the marriage
  • Length of marriage
  • Value of the property
  • The economic standing of each spouse
  • And many more

Your marital asset division attorney in Dayton OH will be diligent about examining all of these factors, all in the pursuit of a fair agreement.


Personal service from a leading Dayton marital asset division lawyer

When you work with Family Law Columbus, you gain access to a skilled, savvy Dayton marital asset division attorney. This is a professional that not only carries years of experience negotiating within such cases, but who is also responsive to your needs and ready to address your questions and concerns.

You have enough to worry about without wondering if your Dayton marriage asset division lawyer will communicate with you clearly. See what our firm is all about by calling our office and scheduling a consultation.