Columbus Spousal Support Attorney

Alimony is not awarded in all divorce cases, and having an engaged and dedicated Columbus spousal support attorney can make all the difference. Maybe you’re in need of continued support after a divorce, or maybe you are being pursued to support your spouse; regardless, our spousal support lawyer in Columbus OH can steer the issue towards your ultimate goals. We fight for what you deserve.


What might a Columbus spousal support lawyer and judge consider in these cases?

  • How long did the marriage last? Length of a marriage is a helpful factor in considering whether or not the spouse seeking payment had been supported by his or her spouse throughout the marriage, and if they need that continued.
  • What is the employment status of each spouse? If one spouse is unable to maintain gainful employment through no fault of their own, their Columbus spousal support attorney may be able to show a need for alimony.
  • Is anyone in the situation disabled? Disabilities affecting the spouses or the dependent children can affect the outcome of these cases.


These are just some of the factors that our spousal support attorney in Columbus OH is trained to analyze while building your case for the judge. There are many more.


Even in cases when spousal support is awarded, the schedule for that support is also debatable. In some cases, it is considered permanent. In others, it is just long-term, with an end date. Some judges award short-term and “rehabilitative” spousal support, designed to aid a reliant spouse in the adjustment to the separation. Regardless, our Columbus spousal support lawyer has one goal: establish and maintain the system that best serves what you — our client — deserve.


Divorce and the related proceedings are difficult. We change, we grow and, sometimes, we grow apart. Navigating the process of divorce and establishing a spousal support system is what brings you through that painful chapter of your life and into a new one. If you would like professional help from an engaged, thorough and powerful Columbus spousal support attorney, please contact us today for more information.