Columbus Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements, but did you know that postnuptial agreement lawyers in Columbus OH also exist?

Even if you were unable to obtain a prenup before entering into your marriage, you may be able to achieve the same goals through the use of a postnuptial agreement in Columbus OH. These contracts provide additional protection for your personal finances and assets in the event of a divorce — and Family Law Columbus is ready to help you get started on drafting such a document.

A Columbus postnuptial agreement is a valuable document that can provide couples with many benefits, even if a divorce never occurs.


Why you need one of our postnuptial agreement lawyers in Columbus OH

A postnuptial agreement in Columbus OH is drafted after the marriage has already occurred. This is in contrast to the prenuptial agreement, which is created before the marriage. Although there are some special rules governing each type of document, both ultimately achieve the same end: providing guidance in the event of marital dissolution or the death of one spouse.

Consider the situation of a business owner who dies without an estate plan, for instance — should the company be given to the business partner or to the spouse and children? Even if the person did not have a formal estate plan, a postnuptial agreement could fill that role, providing important guidance even in a non-divorce scenario.


Be prepared with the help of Family Law Columbus

Columbus postnuptial agreement attorneys can help you address specific property division concerns in your document, speeding any potential legal actions associated with a possible divorce. Although postnuptial agreements are limited in their reach for child support and child custody, they can provide valuable assistance for those in complex asset situations.

Visiting our postnuptial agreement lawyers in Columbus OH might be the right choice if your financial situations have changed significantly since you were married — if you started a business or received a large inheritance, for instance. Don’t wait to draft these important documents. Contact us today to get started, and receive the peace of mind you and your spouse deserve.