Columbus Marital Asset Division Attorney

It’s hard enough to watch your wealth and assets be cut in half during a divorce, but the right Columbus marital asset division attorney can help ease the sting by making sure this process is done right.


You may have heard of all the horror stories about previous divorces where one side receives a majority of the assets while the other is left high and dry. When you work with Columbus Family Law, your Columbus marital asset division lawyer will make sure that does not happen.



The process of marital property division


There are a number of relatively complex and tedious steps to the process, and your Columbus asset division attorney will bring experience and knowledge to each and every one of them.


  • Identifying: The first step in this process is to identify all of the assets that belong to the couple as a whole, or each spouse. Your marital asset division attorney in Columbus OH will help round up even the hard-to-remember assets, including debt.
  • Classification: Once you and your Columbus marital asset division attorney have worked with the other side to determine assets, it is time to label these assets. They could be assets that belonged to someone before the marriage, or assets that were acquired during the marriage. This information is important, because it will affect how they are split up.
  • Valuation: Your marital asset division lawyer in Columbus OH will also specialize in the process of assigning a value to each asset. This, also, will be key information for when it comes time to divide assets up.
  • Equitable distribution: Finally, you and your asset division attorney in Columbus OH will work to make sure that assets are divided fairly and equally. This is when it pays to have knowledgeable representation on your side.



Put your trust in a reputable Columbus marital asset division lawyer


Columbus Family Law has decades of experience on our staff. We will advocate for you and make sure that you get what you are entitled to. Let our Columbus marital asset division attorney go to work on your case, and don’t be left high and dry.