Columbus Legal Guardianship Attorney

Are you struggling with issues that could be solved by a legal guardianship attorney in Columbus OH, but you are simply not sure where to turn? Although you may feel overwhelmed by options, a family law attorney is often an excellent starting point for getting your guardianship case off of the ground.

A Columbus legal guardianship lawyer can help you begin the important processes that can lead to obtaining guardianship for a minor or special-needs adult in your family. Let us take a look at some of the key concepts associated with the use of a Columbus legal guardianship attorney.


Why should you seek legal guardianship through a legal guardianship attorney in Columbus OH?


  • In many cases, youngsters or special-needs adults are unable to make the important life decisions that underpin their daily activities. This is because they are minor children, in most cases, though incapacitated adults may also be considered subjects of guardianship debates.
  • Those who are looking to help minor children are seeking personal guardianship, or being appointed as an adult who cares for and raises the child. Other types of guardians also exist and a Columbus legal guardianship lawyer can help you figure out which is right for your family.
  • In addition to personal guardianship, a relative or interested party may seek conservatorship. This status is conferred upon those who are responsible for managing legal and financial issues for an adult who is unable to make independent decisions.

A legal guardianship lawyer in Columbus OH can help you determine whether the adult in question would be likely to need a conservator. The final type of guardianship is the guardian ad litem, who is a court-appointed lawyer responsible for advocating for someone in court.

No matter the nature of the guardianship that you are seeking, a legal guardianship attorney in Columbus OH can help you navigate the legal processes, improving your chances for success in court. Contact Family Law Columbus and get the assistance you need.