Columbus Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Finding an effective Columbus grandparent visitation attorney can be difficult. After all, grandparents’ rights are a component to family law that is quickly evolving and often considered to be a gray area.


Up until recently, almost all of the focus was put on mothers and fathers in regards to child custody and visitation. Grandparents also play a major role in the lives of these children, which is why you need a qualified Columbus grandparent visitation lawyer to make sure your rights are upheld.


Columbus Family Law specializes in grandparents’ rights, pairing you with a grandparent visitation attorney in Columbus OH that will work closely with you.



Why Columbus Family Law?


There are a variety of reasons why many men and women have turned to us as the choice grandparent visitation lawyer in Columbus OH.


  • Knowledgeable: As stated, this is a growing aspect of family law. Our professionals constantly stay up to date on the latest developments so that we can implement the most up-to-date information within your case.
  • Caring and compassionate: Each Columbus grandparent visitation attorney knows that this can be a trying and emotional time for you. Having access to the grandchildren that you love cut off can be devastating. We are ready to help.
  • Focused attention: With stress and anxiety already running high, you shouldn’t have to wait around for your Columbus grandparent visitation lawyer to get back to you. We provide a focused, personal level of service for each one of our clients. You are part of the family at Columbus Family Law.


So often, the rights of grandparents are swept under the rug. We will not let that happen. Hire a Columbus grandparent visitation attorney that will effectively advocate for you. Start by setting up a consultation appointment with one of our legal professionals right now.