Columbus Family Law Attorneys

Our Columbus family law attorneys are prepared to manage a variety of legal issues affecting interpersonal or familial issues. We know that these issues are sensitive and can be emotional and tumultuous; that is why our family law lawyers in Columbus OH are dedicated to your case, compassionate to your needs and vigorous in our work.


There are a variety of reasons why you may need reliable Columbus family law lawyers in your corner. Some of those may include:


  • Divorce and subsequent division of assets. Even the most cordial of divorcees can find this issue to be a struggle, but our highly trained and powerful team of lawyers is prepared to fight for what you deserve.
  • Custody and child support. At our firm, our Columbus family law lawyers are dedicated to establishing the system that works in the best interest of you and your child.
  • Spousal support/accommodation. Establishing and maintaining a spousal support system that is fair and sustainable can be strenuous without the help of our reliable Columbus family law attorneys.
  • Adoption, in all of its forms. Adding a new member to your family is a joyous occasion, but it is also complex. It can cross multiple jurisdictions and can be tricky in cases like foster-adoption or when someone else must absolve parental rights.
  • Modification and enforcement of any established system. Sometimes, not all parties justly serve their fair share. Our family law attorneys in Columbus Ohio are dedicated to righting that wrong.

When you choose our firm, you are not just choosing someone who will stand next to you in the courtroom. You are choosing the team of Columbus family law lawyers who will fight tooth and nail for your best interest.


Our team cares about you, and understands how difficult it may be to stand in your shoes. We get to know you, learn the intricacies of your situation and then prepare a convincing case that will get you what you deserve.


For more information on how one of our Columbus family law attorneys can help you, contact us for a consultation.