Columbus Divorce Mediation Attorney

With the help of a divorce mediation attorney in Columbus OH, you can eliminate the potential pitfalls of a contentious divorce, getting through the process faster and with better results.

Many Ohioans have never heard of mediation for divorce, but it is one of the most economical, effective methods for resolving property division and other related claims during a breakup. A Columbus divorce attorney from Family Law Columbus can help you learn about the benefits of mediation, which is also known as a collaborative divorce method.

Stop the madness and start getting results by eliminating the need for litigation through a Columbus mediation process.


What are the benefits of using a divorce mediation attorney in Columbus OH?

Too often, we expect divorces to play out like they do in the movies or on TV. But you do not have to go through a “War of the Roses” scenario to resolve your personal and financial issues during a divorce. Instead, systems exist that allow you, your Columbus divorce attorney, your spouse and that person’s attorney to collaborate about key decisions. Using a mediation lawyer in Columbus OH has a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower costs because fewer forms and legal processes are used
  • Lower impact on your children because of a collaborative spirit
  • Quicker divorce because issues are resolved without drawn-out courtroom battles
  • Better emotional health and future financial health because of a fast, efficient dissolution process.

You should not have to suffer through months of contentious courtroom litigation when the services of a divorce mediation attorney in Columbus OH are available. A mediation attorney can help you and your ex-spouse speed through property division and child custody issues. Although a judge must still be involved in child support, child custody and spousal maintenance procedures, using a collaborative method to kick off your divorce can lead to a more productive, effective divorce that helps you and your loved ones keep your sanity.